John Deere A or B Carburetor Float

Float for Marvel Schebler Carburetors on JD A, B, G, GP and D

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Float for Marvel Schebler Carbs: DLTX5, DLTX6, DLTX8, DLTX10, DLTX11, DLTX12, DLTX13, DLTX15, DLTX16, DLTX17, DLTX18, DLTX19, DLTX24, DLTX31, DLTX33, DLTX34, DLTX39, DLTX41, DLTX51, DLTX53, DLTX63, DLTX107U, DLTX108U.

Please read the number on the side of your carburetor before ordering to verify this is the float you need.