We only ship to the US and Canada.


Current Shipping Updates: 

Most orders ship within 1-3 days. 

US Postal Service = Significant Delays
We are doing everything we can to get orders shipped in 1-2 business days, same as always. The post office is still doing an amazing job of delivery once packages leave our possession, but they are overwhelmed. While some packages experience no delays, please expect that:

  • Your order may not be delivered for 2, 3, even 4 weeks for both standard first-class and USPS Priority Mail. 
  • Tracking status may not be updated.
  • We're unable to step in unless it has been more than 30 days since the package was shipped AND the tracking status shows no update for at least 7 consecutive days.
  • If outside of the US, it must be more than 10 weeks since the date shipped AND the tracking status shows no update for at least 21 consecutive days if sent by Postal Mail. Customs & flight restrictions may cause significant delays.
  • Any package deemed lost will be refunded or replaced at our cost. We only ask that you allow the extra time noted above for delivery.
If you're unwilling to accept the above terms, please choose UPS instead. UPS is seeing delays, but not as much and they provide true tracking. UPS GROUND usually takes about 1 week for delivery.

    International Shipping

    We offer International shipping via USPS/CanadaPost and UPS. While UPS will deliver much sooner, the duty cost is not included in the transportation cost you pay at check-out. Duty is added by your government at the time of import and we do not know what duty/customs fees you will be charged, if any. As a generalization, orders that are shipped via USPS/CanadaPost seem to have a significantly less or no duty fee. While USPS/CanadaPost takes longer to deliver a package, if you can wait for your order, you will likely save money on import/duty costs.