Carburetor Gasket Kit for Marvel Schebler

Carburetor Gasket Kit for Marvel Schebler

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This carburetor kit includes gaskets only. 

Fits the following Marvel Schebler carburetors: TSX13, TSX28, TSX30, TSX33, TSX34, TSX36, TSX42, TSX43, TSX45, TSX49, TSX55, TSX60, TSX74, TSX85, TSX88, TSX89, TSX91, TSX114, TSX120, TSX134, TSX138, TSX151, TSX154, TSX155, TSX156, TSX157, TSX159, TSX186, TSX188, TSX212, TSX231, TSX237, TSX241A, TSX241B, TSX241C, TSX248, TSX253, TSX264, TSX272, TSX305, TSX308,TSX309, TSX312, TSX319, TSX330, TSX356, TSX361A, TSX363, TSX380,TSX400, TSX403, TSX405, TSX406, TSX418, TSX420, TSX421, TSX422, TSX428, TSX458, TSX470, TSX480, TSX486, TSX497, TSX500, TSX520, TSX531, TSX541, TSX551, TSX577, TSX580, TSX593, TSX597, TSX603, TSX605, TSX635, TSX650, TSX663, TSX665, TSX670, TSX680, TSX683, TSX692, TSX694, TSX696, TSX701, TSX706, TSX710, TSX714, TSX730, TSX744, TSX748, TSX765, TSX771, TSX804, TSX809, TSX815, TSX827, TSXU834, TSX844, TSX860, TSX864, TSX879, TSX882, TSX896, TSX896SL, TSX912, TSX926, TSX931, TSX936, TSX936SL, TSX937, TSX937SL, TSX948, TSX949, TSX957SL, TSX976, TSXU832

These carburetors are often found on Ford 2000, 4000, 501, 600, 700, 800, 900, 8N, 9N, 2N, NAA, Jubilee tractors.

Allis Chalmers B, C, CA, D14, D15, H3, WC, WD, WD45

Case 1737, 1737S, 200B, 310B, 312B, 320, 350, 351, 440, V, VA, VAC, VC

Cockshutt 20 and 30

IH/Farmall: 130, 140, 200, 230, 240, 2444, 330, 340, 404, 424, 444, A, AV, B, BN, C, Super A

John Deere: 1010 L, LA, LI

Massey Ferguson 135, 15, 202, 204, 2135, 30, 35, 50, F40, TE20, TO20, TO30

Massey Harris 101, 101 Jr, 102 Jr, 20, 22, 30, 50, 81, 82, Colt, Mustang, Pacer

Minneapolis Moline 335, BF, BG, R, RT, RTI

Oliver 440, 550, 60, 66, 70, 77, OC-3, OC-6, Super 44, Super 55, Super 66, Super 99


Please read the ID number on your carburetor before ordering parts to ensure proper fit.